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Our Approach

Technological Leadership
Technological leadership and clinical foresight:
The basis for setting new standards

  • Independent and highly specialized medical device development and technology integration
  • Clear focus on new ideas and core know-how
  • Technological leadership in innovative (robotic) guidance solutions
  • Attentive to the clinicians needs

Creative Innovation
Creative technology innovation and integration talent:
The basis for unique product solutions

  • Unique in-house developments
  • Proprietary third party development and integration
  • Leadership of the whole development and validation process

Unique Features

Key-USP: Robot design and kinematics

  • Extremely flat and compact: Robot can be used within the gantry of the selected imaging device (C-Arm, CT)
  • "Intrinsically" safe redundant control design
  • "Plastic" construction: no imaging artifacts

iSYS Standards

  • High accuracy (relative: 0.02, absolute: 0.1): on target, every-time
  • Small and lightweight: easy handling
  • Redundant emergency release: patient safety
  • Modularity and compatibility with other devices: maximum flexibility
  • Parallel kinematics: 2 x 2 DOF plus sensor: free of collision risks
  • Latest interface technology: straightforward and intuitive
  • Direct coupling to the table/frame – easy and rigid fixation